Yoga Therapy

Are you tired, stressed, confused?  Does your body ache?  Do you have limitations or just lacking in energy?  Do you have an on-going injury that just won’t heal.

Yoga Therapy uses the tools of yoga to achieve specific outcomes according to the needs of the individual.  It is the holistic process of empowering individuals to progress towards improved health and well-being through the applications of the teachings and practices of Yoga.   Through a regimen of breathing exercises, relaxation techniques and yoga postures suited to individual needs, Yoga Therapy works with the individual on a one-to-one basis to prescribe practices attuned to the physical, emotional and physiological requirements to bring about renewed health and well-being.

As a self-empowering process, Yoga Therapy can lead to progressive healing in all areas of your life.

Fees are as follows:
One hour – $90.00
  Subsequent visits are $70.00
Discounts available for students and seniors. 

For further information please call 0412 666 984 or email: