I was a fellow student with Sharron Williams during a Yoga Therapy Graduate Diploma in Sydney 2016. Sharron has a very open heart and has been touched by the yogic ways and she brought a lot to the group from her personal and Yoga teaching experience. Sharron provided her expetise to the group and taught us all some of her unique techniques. She was a very popular and congenial person to work alongside.

Zoe Campbell BA Dip Ed Computer Teacher and Yoga Therapist


I started Yoga Therapy with Sharron for a persistent and painful back injury.  I have found her simple but informative exercises easy to do, and they do help to relieve the pain in my lower back.  The breathing exercises help strengthen the core muscles without any strenuous exercise and the Ayurvedic dietary information and food charts have guided me in a healthier diet.
In general, I find Yoga Therapy to be of great benefit to easing my back pain and has assisted me in attaining a healthier lifestyle.

Geoff, retired Technician, Victoria.

Sharron is excellent, she is friendly, knowledgeable and a great teacher. She demonstrates yoga and helps anyone having problems. Highly recommend.

Jodie, yoga student.

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