As the sister science to Yoga, Ayurveda is the perfect accompaniment to Yoga Therapy. But what is Ayurveda??

The word Ayurveda is made up from two words – “Ayu” meaning “life” or “daily living”, and “Veda” meaning “knowing”. Ayurveda is the oldest healing system in the world, over 5000 years old and is designed to bring balance, harmony and a wellspring of holistic healing by empowering the individual to take control of his/her own health by embracing daily living at its best.

Based on the elements of Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth, each of us has certain qualities which make up our basic constitution and within those qualities lies the reasons for who we are and why we are the way we are. Knowing these qualities allows us to ascertain our dosha or constitution. For example:

  • Ether and Air = Vata
    • Fire and Water = Pitta
      • Water and Earth = Kapha

But there is much more to Ayurveda than just knowing your constitution. As a holistic healing system it allows people to fully embrace their own healing by knowing who they truly are and empowering them to take charge and immerse themselves into a journey of self-discovery on a daily basis.

This knowledge can be critical in understanding yourself and those around you. Knowing your dosha can help you make better decisions about what to eat, what type of exercise to do, suitable hobbies, and career decisions. 

To begin your journey of self-discovery and realise the healing Ayurveda can offer, call for an appointment 0412 666 984.

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