Serenity Yoga and Meditation is all about your body, mind and spirit.  It aims to bring fluidity, relaxation and ease to your body, a calmness and clarity to your mind and a deep well-spring of contentment to your spirit.

Sharron is a Yoga and Meditation teacher, Yoga Therapist and Spiritual Healer.  A graduate of International Yoga Teachers Association, she attained her Yoga Teacher’s qualification in 2011 and followed this with a Diploma in Pre and Post Natal Yoga Teaching , an Advanced  Certification in Yoga and qualified as a Yoga Therapist in 2016.

Sharron is also an Advanced Reiki Healer having obtained her qualifications with the Rev. Beth Gray in 1990, and Massage Therapist.

Dedicated to health and well-being, Sharron is passionate about living a life of awareness and fulfillment while helping others in their quest to live a life of peaceful contentment in mind, body and spirit.

For further information please don’t hesitation to contact me for an appointment or attend a class.