Serenity Yoga and Yoga Therapy is all about your body, mind and spirit.  It aims to bring fluidity, relaxation and ease to your body, a calmness and clarity to your mind and a deep well-spring of contentment to your spirit.

Sharron is a Yoga and Meditation teacher, Yoga Therapist and Spiritual Healer.  A graduate of International Yoga Teachers Association, she attained her Yoga Teacher’s qualification in 2011 and followed this with a Diploma in Pre and Post Natal Yoga Teaching , an Advanced  Certification in Yoga and qualified as a Certified Yoga Therapist in 2016 through the Yoga Therapy Institute.  She also has a Certificate in Ayurvedic Healing from Nature Care College, Sydney obtained in 2017, is a graduate of The Yoga Therapy Institute having gained her qualification as a  Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant in 2020 and is currently studying for her Diploma in Counselling.

Sharron is also an Advanced Reiki Healer having obtained her qualifications with the Rev. Beth Gray in 1990, and Massage Therapy from Nature Care College.

An avid learner, she also attends many workshops and teachings in Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Yoga for Seniors and Ayurvedic Healing.

Dedicated to health and well-being, Sharron is passionate about living a life of awareness and fulfillment while helping others in their quest to live a life of peaceful contentment in mind, body and spirit.

For further information please don’t hesitate to call for an appointment or to attend a class – 0412 666 984.

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